KTH, Stockholm

Royal Institute of Technology, Bioimaging and Cell profiling

Supported Microscopy Platforms:

SIM – superresolution wide-field microscopy (x,y ≈100nm; z≈300nm); Up to four colors e.g. DAPI; Alexa488; Alexa568, Alexa647, or similar spectral dyes or fluorescent proteins.

STED – superresolution confocal microscopy (x,y ≈40-50nm; z≈110-120nm); Up to three colors e.g. AbberiorSTAR635P, Alexa594, TRITC. Plenty of dyes for single or dual-color e.g. Alexa488/OregonGreen488; Alexa532&RhodamineRedX; Alexa647&Alexa594. Some fluorescent proteins (e.g. YFP) also applicable.

PALM – superresolution localization microscopy (x,y ≈20-40nm; z≈90-100nm); One to two colors e.g. PA-GFP and PC-mEOS3.2, or similar photoactivated fluorescent proteins.

STORM – superresolution localization microscopy (x,y ≈10-20nm; z≈70-90nm); One to two colors e.g. Alexa647 and Atto488, combined with special buffers for best photo-activation dynamics.

HPA high throughput/high content – support with high-throughput profiling of protein targets in individual cells using multiplexed immunostaining and fluorescence bioimaging, including automated quantitative image analysis.

FCS/FCCS/ICS – single molecule dynamical studies with correlation analysis to investigate concentrations, size distributions, as well as interactions between biomolecules in solutions or of/in living cells.

Light-sheet – full field of view optical sectioning of fixed, optically cleared (CLARITY, PARS, iDISCO etc.) and live tissue and model organisms with little to no photo-toxicity.

RESOLFT– superresolution microscopy of photoswitchable fluorescent proteins with minimal illumination intensities for live-cell imaging.

QD-SPT – wide-field imaging and tracking of single particle labeled biomolecules.

Head of Facilites

Hans Blom – hans.blom@scilifelab.se

Stefan Wennmalm – stefan.wennmalm@scilifelab.se

Charlotte Stadler – charlotte.stadler@scilifelab.se

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