About us

The National Microscopy Infrastructure, NMI is a Swedish infrastructure for the use and support of advanced microscopy in life science. NMI was founded in April 2016 with the financial support from VR-RFI and cofinancing from the participating universities. The four participating universities are; Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm University (SU), Umeå University (UmU) and University of Gothenburg (GU).

The aim of NMI is to provide access to equipment and competence in microscopy for the life science research community. NMI will also coordinate national and international knowledge exchange in microscopy.

###Our service to researchers ####NMI aims to provide:

  1. An internationally competitive Infrastructure to enable Swedish life science researchers to perform world-class research projects using highly specialized microscopy techniques.

  2. An infrastructure equipped with a wide range of microscopy techniques for highly specialized microscopy analysis that is accessible to all academic scientists in Sweden on equal terms.

  3. An organization supporting national networking of Swedish universities and core facilities in the field of life science microscopy.

###NMI steering committee • Mathias Uhlen (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
• Katia Gallo (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
• Ruth Palmer (University of Gothenburg)
• Fredrik Höök (University of Gothenburg/Chalmers tekniska högskola)
• Bern-Eric Uhlin (Umeå University)
• Marianne Sommarin (Umeå University)
• Sören Nylin (Stockholm University)
• Ylva Engström (Stockholm University)
• Jonas Tegenfeldt (Lund University)
• Angela Cenci Nilsson (Lund University)
• Karl-Eric Magnusson (Linköping University)
• Elena Vikström (Linköping University)
• Carolina Wählby (Uppsala University)
• Anders Tengholm (Uppsala University)

###NMI operational management group • Hjalmar Brismar (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

• Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez (University of Gothenburg)

• Linda Sandblad (Umeå University)

• Roger Karlsson (Stockholm University)

###NMI nodes NMI – KTH, Stockholm (Super resolution microscopy) SciLifeLab Stockholm Director: Hjalmar Brismar

NMI – SU, Stockholm (Intravital microscopy) IVMSU Stockholm University

NMI – GU, Göteborg (Multimodal imaging) CCI University of Gothenburg

NMI – UmU, Umeå (Correlative electron microscopy) BICU, UCEM Umeå University

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